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Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam. and an once a year Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca, and obligatory religious Once in a lifetime every Muslim, duty must be carried out at least once in their lifetime by all Muslims who are physically and economically able of undertaking the journey.

Reported by Abdullah Ibn Mas’ood RZ; Allah’s Apostle ﷺ said,

“Keep on performing Hajj and Umrah, for they alleviate poverty and sins; just like the bellow removes impurities from iron and silver and gold.”

–Nasai: 2631

Being the nucleus of Muslim Ummah –the Holy Kaba holds the most prominent place in every Muslim’s heart. Every Muslim is always ambitious to visit the House of Allah ﷻ, reconnect and feel the strong presence of his Creator through these sacred walls. The fifth pillar of Islam is a beautiful way of worshiping Allah Almighty and expiating sins. The reward of a complete and accepted It is nothing less than paradise in the hereafter and elimination of poverty in this world.

“And accomplish (the ceremonies of) Hajj (Pilgrimage) and ‘Umra (Visitation) for Allah. But if you are prevented (on the way), then (send for slaughter) whatever sacrificial animal is available. And do not shave your heads until the sacrificial animal has reached its place………”

–Al Baqarah: 196

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