[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Global Travel & Tours offer best and luxurious Swat Valley Tours for friends, family and groups. With its roaring rivers, waterfalls, meandering streams, glacier fed lakes and thick pine forests ,the beautiful valley of Swat is popularly known as the Switzerland of the East. It’s majestic beauty is tourists’ delight and rich historical past is a hallmark of its glory. Swat is blessed in abundance with Alpine meadows, snow covered peaks , fruit laden orchards, lush green fields, flower filled mountain slopes and above all the friendly Swati people who are famous for their traditional hospitality. Swat valley is also home to Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani activist for female education and the youngest Nobel Prize laureate. Explore the Swat Valley Map and customize your Swat valley tours to best fit you travel needs.

Swat is without a doubt one of the most beautiful tourist destination in the northern valleys of Pakistan.

History of Swat:

Swat was described as “Udyanae” (the garden) in ancient Hindu epics and referred as “Suvastu” in the earliest Sanskrit text, the Rigveda . Alexander the Great crossed Swat River with part of his army in 327BC. He fought and won some of his major battles at Barikot and Udegram and stormed their battlements, before crossing over the plains of the five rivers. In Greek accounts these towns have been identified as Ora and Bazira. After the death of Alexander the Great the Greeks quickly lost effective control of their far flung colonies and soon the northern part of the sub-continent situated west of the Indus which includes Swat was annexed by Chandra Gupta.During Abdul Wadud and Jahan Zeb’s peaceful reigns, Swat State witnessed unprecedented development in the fields of education, health and communication.

Buddhist Civilization in Swat:

Northwestern areas of Pakistan and southeastern regions of Afghanistan were once the heart of a highly developed Gandhara Civilization whose cultural impact was felt from China to Persia. Swat was a major center of Buddhism and its cultural achievements were highlights of ancient civilization. There are still various stupas and marks found from river bed to the tops of the mountains of ancient old Buddhism culture in swat and nearby region. Gumbatona stupa, Swat, KPK, is a true domed stupa built in 1st or 2nd century AD. The famous monastic complex of Takht-i-Bahi was made part of UNESCO World Heritage Site as Largest Budhest Remains in Gandhara. Interested in revisiting the history, Our customized Buddhist Civilization Tour can take you to all these amazing pieces of history.

How to Reach Swat:

Travel from Islamabad to Swat: Travel on Motorway (M-1) and reach Mardan interchange in about one and half hours after covering a distance of 131 km. From Mardan onward travel via Takh-e-Bai, Dargai, Malakand Pass, Batkhella,Chakdara and finally reach Mingora , Saidu Sharif after covering a distance of 112 km in two and half more hours. The total distance from Islamabad to Mingora/Saidu Sharif is 247Km and it takes around 5 hours with one stop for lunch and refreshments. This route is open for all kinds of traffic throughout the year.

Season and Temperature in Swat:

The peak tourist season is from April to October nevertheless, tourists keep pouring in all year round. The maximum temperature in June is 30 C whereas the minimum goes down to 21 C, while in September, temperatures show a maximum 24 C and a minimum of 18 C. Such pleasant temperatures make Swat Valley a must-visit place all year long.

Tourism Opportunities:

Global Travel & Tours provides various multi day tours across beautiful Swat valley covering areas like Mingora, Malab Jabba, Kumrat , Oshu, Mahodand and Kundol lake and many more. Explore various swat tourist destinations in below Swat Valley Map and customize your perfect swat valley trip. Below, you can also book Swat valley Hotels online from our website at best and cheap rates available for our customers. You can also book your online rent a car from our website for your perfect and personalized tour.

We can customize your tours to provide opportunities to discover Swat for Adventure, Leisure or Historic Cultural travelers. Follow link to read more about Swat valley and its amazing tourist spots.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]